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If you are recently engaged and starting the wedding planning process —

Congratulations, truly. 

You are embarking on an epic experience. And if you are planning a Blue Ridge Mountain wedding specifically — amazing.

If you love adventure, if you’re mindful, if you dream of a cabin with never ending mountain views, early morning hikes and the smell of the woods after a good hard rain, complete with a smooth Old Fashioned of course –

You are our people.

The thing about hosting a wedding deep in the heart of Appalachia is that there are a lot more logistics to consider. 

Oh gosh, did someone forget the cake? That’s now a two hour round trip.

Do your guests think they’re driving up a mountain without snow chains? Think again.

Doing endless long distance research on wedding vendors? – A complete headache.

That’s where we come in. 

Figuring out logistics is our love language and being organized is the heart of our business. We offer a personable staff, the most up-to-date project management software, and a deep connection with the entire wedding community in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Run, don't walk, to book The Whole Shebang. We planned a wedding from halfway across the country and it was a breeze thanks to their help.

—  Jana S., Bride

Meris was amazing! She was so easy to work with and was with us every step of the way! We needed her calming influence and experience.

—  Genie B., Bride

I learned that if you plan your wedding the right way, and with the right team, the wedding week will actually be stress-free. So thankful for Meris and her team.

—  Catherine C., Bride

Our Services

Wedding Management 

This collection is perfect for the couple who is excited to plan their own details and logistics, but wants a trusted professional to guide them throughout the process, letting us take the reins 90 days out from the wedding.

Building on our decade plus experience, we offer you a robust suite of planning tools that will keep you on track from start to finish.

Full-Service Planning

Full-service planning is exactly that - we plan your wedding from the beginning to the end, leading you confidently through this journey.

While most of our full-service couples are deeply involved in planning, we guide the process - allowing you to fully enjoy your engagement with the confidence that you are about to throw the most memorable party EVER.

Our full-service planning clients also enjoy access into our highly personalized wedding planning software, allowing the planning to unfold with ease. 

Event Planning

From corporate retreats to fundraisers to surprise parties, we love planning any and all events. If you have an idea, or even if you don’t, we can execute it.

Contact us below for more information or check out Bloom House, our sister company that specializes in non-wedding events and creative business consulting.

Here at The Whole Shebang, we are organizers, designers, fixers and friends.

We hold your whole vision at heart — 100% of the time.

Regardless of what planning experience you decide on, we are here to take care of you and all of your guests, all while making sure your event is executed brilliantly. We invite you to meet our team and find out if we are a good fit for you and your celebration.

Wedding & Event Enhancements

As experienced event professionals, we know all too well how many moving pieces go into a wedding — and often overlooked are the needs that extend beyond the actual event itself.

Let us help with additional event services like:
  • Brunch or Luncheon Drop-Off and Set-Up
  • Welcome Bag Design, Sourcing, Delivery
  • Morning Of Assistant
  • Stock the Fridge Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are typically on the event day planning team?  

Since weddings are not a one-size-fits all, neither is our approach. We look at each event individually and bring the exact number of people needed to execute your wedding. In most cases, we will bring between 3-5 team members.

Do you travel?

Yes, 100% yes. We consider “travel" to be anything that is more than an hour outside of the High Country, and we frequently work across the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains. 

Does your wedding day coverage include your travel time to and from the venue? 

As long as your venue is within an hour from Boone, we do not include our travel time in your coverage allotment. We do charge travel fees if your venue is outside of our normal area or if we stop to run additional errands for your wedding day.

Do you offer elopements and micro-weddings?

Yes! We love planning elopements and smaller weddings. They are personal, fun, and oh-so-creative. We create custom proposals for every wedding, big or small, so feel free to reach out today to get a proposal started today. 

Are the retainer fees refundable? 

In the case of cancellation, retainers and prepayments are not refundable. This is because, once you sign with us, we take that day off of our calendar and are turning down other business on that day. We do offer the option to transfer any paid monies to another date. Please note, that we do charge an administrative fee for this service. 

Is planning or staffing the rehearsal dinner (welcome party, post-wedding brunch, etc) included? 

These events are not included in our base packages, but we are more than happy to add them into your custom proposal.  

What if my lead planner is sick or has an emergency that day of my wedding?  

Lucky for you, that has never happened, BUT, as we all know, life is life, and sometimes emergencies come up. When you are working with us, you are working with a team of experienced planners that are all in constant contact. If something happens, one of our other planners can jump in and take the lead.

What if we need errands run that are outside of what is in the contract? 

Whether it be dropping off your dry cleaning, delivering gift bags, stocking the fridge in your rental cabin, etc, we are happy to help. We have a very reasonable hourly service fee that we will add on to your final bill for last minute services such as these.  

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In an age where new wedding ideas are being produced on the daily, it can be difficult to know what you really want for YOUR day. Your wedding is uniquely yours and thus, it will be different than others that you see. We strongly believe in using inspiration as just that, inspiration, not carbon copy.

With this guide, you and your partner will walk through a few guiding questions to help you identify what is most important to you as a couple on your wedding day and help you craft your signature wedding vision that will stand the test of time. Grab our free guide today!

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