The Best Month[s] To Get Married in the High Country [NC Mountains]

July 17, 2023

Choosing when to get married can be a difficult decision, but it is an important one as this decision can have a strong impact on your day as a whole.

There are many reasons to choose specific wedding dates such as sentimental ties, venue availability, travel, and more, but in this post, we will explore the differences of each season in the mountains as well as share our favorite months to get married in the High Country.


Kirsten & Michael’s May wedding at Grandfather Golf and Country Club captured by Michelle Lyerly. Floral design by Golden Thistle Design.

  • Spring in the High Country can be a tricky season due to temperatures and weather that can vary from year to year. Starting in March, temperatures on average range from lows in the 30s to highs in the mid-50s, and as you get into May lows in the mid-40s to highs in the mid-60s. This means a spring wedding that is outdoors could be really cold or rather comfortable.

  • If you choose to get married in the High Country in the spring consider selecting a venue that is hybrid for indoor and outdoor events and is prepared for quick changes due to weather.

  • Also, consider that in higher elevations in the High Country, the leaves on the trees are not green until around the second week in May.

  • We checked in with Hannah of Golden Thistle Design on what it is like to source florals in the Spring season and she shared that “Early spring [March to April] means more imported and expensive flowers. that is the growing season in Japan and Holland. Prices are always higher and availability lower around Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Late spring is ideal for availability. Late spring into summer [May to June] brings a great volume of locally grown flowers.”

  • April of April Flowers Studio, noted that some of the choicest of blooms are available late January through March [imported from Japan] and that we can see snow in Spring as well.

  • Our picks for the best months in the spring to get married in the High Country would be mid-April to June. These months give you great options for florals in the latter part of the season with lower chances of super cold weather. Be mindful of the potential for rain, the saying April showers bring May flowers does hold true here (though this also could be said for most months in the High Country!), and have a plan B in case of weather events.


Sarah & Jordan’s June wedding at Eseeola captured by Julia Wade included a summer afternoon shower and made for a great photo opportunity with a clear umbrella. Floral design by Linville Farm and Flowers.

  • Summer in the High Country is a little more predictable than spring in terms of temperature. Average temperatures for June and July in the area range from mid-50s to mid-70s with occasional temperatures in the 80s. The temperatures are similar in August with only a slight decrease in averages in September as we near the first day of fall. Expect early September events to have a drop in temperature at night.

  • One thing to consider if planning a summer wedding is afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Quick science lesson; with the rise in temperature in the summer more evaporation of water occurs which brings more moisture into the air which is then combined with longer periods of time of the ground being heated each day. This causes cloud formation and leads to afternoon showers most days in the summer. All this means is if you are choosing a summer wedding in the High Country be prepared!

    • If you are planning to get married outside, have a plan B ready in case of rain.

    • Bring rain gear (or ask your venue/planner if they have any they can provide!)

  • Summer in the High Country can bring so much fun for you and your guests. A break from the heat if they are from the lower part of the state, tubing trips nearby if they want to extend their trip, and long days with ample sunlight for great photo opportunities!

  • In regards to florals in the summer, as is the case for anytime outside of a few key months in the spring, fancier or more unique varieties will often have to be specially ordered or may not be available at certain times of the year. Your floral designer will be able to support you in choosing the best blooms for your event for the summer season. One note to consider with designing your summertime wedding is to consider the time for heat exposure for your florals if you are hosting an outdoor event.


Allison & Lucas’ October wedding at Westglow Resort and Spa captured by Michelle Lyerly. Floral design by Golden Thistle Design.

  • Fall is what we refer to as the peak season! Not only because it is when we have the majority of our events but also because it is when leaves will peak in their color change (peak week is a thing!)

  • Fall is an awesome time to get married in the mountains. It is one of the busiest seasons in the High Country because so many people flock to the mountains to see the leaves as they change. This can bring a perfect setting if you would love to showcase the color changes in the leaves on your day.

  • As mentioned with all of the previous seasons, have a plan B. Temperatures can get rather cold at night with averages for the season being in the low-30s to mid-70s. This is the most variable of seasons for temperature changes.

  • A great idea for fall weddings is to have blankets available for guests to grab if you are doing an outdoor ceremony. These can also be repurposed and used throughout the night as temperatures drop!

  • Fall florals can be perfect for someone who appreciates dried florals or dark and moody color schemes! Ask your floral designer for their insight into the best blooms of this specific season as it can vary from season to season and year to year. They will have expert knowledge of what is available and will look best in this season!


Hannah & Charlie’s November wedding at Hemlock Barn captured by Boonetown Story. Floral design by Golden Thistle Design.

  • We do not have a ton of weddings in the High Country in the winter and that is most likely because as you can probably guess it is a colder season. Lows in the 20s with highs in the 40s for our higher elevation venues and high-20s to mid-50s at lower elevations make for a colder setting and often lead couples away from booking in the winter. However, winter can be an excellent time for indoor events with the option for outdoor photos as the weather allows. (You may even catch some snow for photos too!)

  • Winter can be a great time to try out different textures and colors in your florals and bring in dried elements. Refer to your floral designer’s insight on the best blooms to source during this season for your winter soiree and keep in mind that availability varies from year to year and season to season.

  • Winter may bring unpredictable precipitation with the potential for snow, sleet, and ice. While snow is an excellent backdrop for some breathtaking photography, consider how you and your guests will travel to your venue. Main roads are often tended to sooner than back roads.

  • If hosting a winter wedding, definitely consider bringing in the details of the season. Hot chocolate, cozy blankets, and candles are just a few I can think of!

So there you have it! As you can see, there are many pros and cons to getting married in different seasons in the High Country but it ultimately comes down to what you envision and value as a couple for YOUR day.

Marilyn & Tanner’s September wedding at Grandfather Golf & Country Club captured by Megan Sheppard Photography. Floral Design by April Flowers.

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