Wedding Planning in the NC Mountains…Things I’ve learned along the way.

November 2, 2015


It’s bittersweet every year. The wedding season has drawn to a close and now is the time for me to reflect on all of the amazing events from this past year. One of the things I like most about event planning is that you truly learn something new every day. We are always moving forward, improving and innovating. On top of that, it’s an ever evolving industry and being on the cutting edge of new trends is important. Here are some of my most recent candid, unedited musings in no particular order….

-A comfortable and well informed guest is a happy guest.

-Don’t skimp on food and alcohol.

-Give parents the courtesy of asking their opinion. Even if you decide not to take their advice, it’s nice to be asked…

-Champagne toasts are overrated…

-Even if you aren’t reserving seats for your guests, be sure to have a few reserved for family and the wedding party.

-Plan to be behind and pad your wedding day timeline so that it’s ok. Everything takes longer than you think and the last thing you want is to feel rushed.

-Have a rock solid bad weather plan.

-Anything you haven’t DIY’d 2 weeks prior to your wedding, scrap it.

-Be cautious when assigning friends and family jobs. If you do assign loved ones tasks, be specific about what is expected of them.

-Don’t drink too much the night before your wedding. You will most assuredly regret it.

-Leave your hair and makeup to professionals and be sure to do a trial run before your wedding day.

-Don’t “pre-game” with champagne while you’re getting ready. If you’re going to have a dressing drink, opt for liquor. It’s less likely to give you a headache.

-Don’t skimp on photography. It’s all you have once all is said and done.

-Pretend your budget is 20% lower than it actually is. It’s the only way to truly stay within your budget. The last minute expenses really creep up and you don’t want to be stressed about money on your wedding day.

-Invitations are the last thing you want to DIY.

-Don’t let your guest list creep up higher than your budget or venue size will allow.

-Everyone will be late to the rehearsal. Tell them to be there 30 minutes before they actually need to be there.

-Your guests will not RSVP by the due date. Expect to be making phone calls.

-No matter how much you plan, you will still have stress dreams the month of your wedding. It’s normal…breathe and remember what’s really important.

-Tell your venue/bartender “no shots” even if you’re having an open bar.

-Don’t save the top of your cake. Who has room in the freezer. Have your baker make a mock up of your wedding cake for you first anniversary…Unless you’re superstitions and then by all means, save the top of your cake.

-Wear comfortable shoes…or at least have a pair to change into after the first dances.

-Nix sparklers if your guests are out of control. It’s just dangerous. Singed hair on your wedding night is not a happy ending.

-Make sure your shuttle service is flexible and have a point person for them to come to at the end of the night so that no one gets left behind.

-Don’t micromanage your florist. They know what they are doing. Assuming you hired a good one.

-Don’t hire a crappy DJ. You will regret it.

-Don’t put your cake outside…bugs, weather etc…just don’t.

-Make sure someone knows how to bustle your dress. It’s a good idea to take a video of your seamstress doing a tutorial.

-Don’t be afraid to tell your stylist if you don’t like your hair or makeup trial run. Nothing is worse than feeling like you don’t look your best on your bid day.

-Roll with it, have a sense of humor, do what needs to be done in the moment and don’t look back. The little mess ups, mix ups and oopses are what make your wedding a real wedding and not a styled shoot. Believe me, you will look back and laugh at all of the little things once the weight of the “Big Day” is off of your shoulders because guess what…You just married the love of your life and that’s something to celebrate!!!

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