Don’t forget these 9 important things on your Wedding Day!!!

November 16, 2015

Details, details, details. Even with a wedding planner, it’s hard to not get overwhelmed over the sheer volume of details the month before your wedding. This is a list of the top things we see couples forget time after time on their wedding day.

1 – Cake Flowers and Flower Girl Petals – If you didn’t tell your florist to leave some, they may not have accounted for it on their order.

2 – Reserved signs – Not only for the ceremony rows you want reserved but also for any tables you want reserved for family and wedding party if you aren’t assigning seats.

3 – Telling guests that are sitting in the above noted assigned seats to sit there. The seats will be vacant if you don’t inform people because no one wants to assume that the reserved seats are for them.

4 – Cake Cutting Set

5 – Invitation suite to be photographed – Have this and the rings, dress, shoes, something borrowed, something blue etc. ready and waiting when your photographers arrive so that they can knock these photos out first and you’re not having to run around looking for things while trying to get ready.

5 – A box for cards to put on your gift table (if you are having one). Yes, of course guest can just leave cards on the table but if there isn’t a box or somewhere obvious to put them, we constantly have guests coming up to us asking “where do we put the cards”. Typically there’s money in the cards so your guest just really want to ensure that they put it in they don’t get misplaced.

6 – Vases for your bouquets – Don’t just assume that your florist is delivering your bouquets to you in a decorative vase that you can later repurpose. If you don’t tell them that you plan on displaying your bouquets later on in the reception they may come in containers not fit for show.

7 – Checkbook and cash for tips. Be sure to verify with your vendors beforehand what types of payment are acceptable.

8 – Baskets for coozies etc.

9 – Pens for your guest book

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