COVID-19 FAQ for Your Wedding Website

September 17, 2020

Hi Friends!

How’s it going out there? I know, I know, we’re still talking about this COVID thing. Who would have believed that this would still be a conversation we would be having moving into. 2021??? Well, I guess some people did know but those of us in the event business were still trying to be optimistic for our client’s sake.

I remember a conversation I had with a bride back in March where I said “If we are still talking about this in the fall, we’re going to have a lot more problems than just your wedding…”

I just created this document for one of my 2021 clients and thought it would be helpful to share. Feel free to email me directly to request a google doc link so that you can easily copy and paste.

The Willow House, Maggie Valley NCReckless Revival Photography

The Willow House, Maggie Valley NC

Reckless Revival Photography

COVID 19 FAQ For Wedding Guests

How will you communicate any last minute changes to your guests

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Do I have to wear a mask

Masks are strongly recommended for our event; shuttling, mingling and the dance floor especially.

Will the wedding vendors be wearing masks

Yes – Absolutely

Will hand sanitizer an disposable masks available to guests

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Will there be Temperature Checks

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Are masks required on the Shuttle Busses

Masks are strongly recommended

How many guests will be attending

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What other safety precautions will you be taking to keep guests safe

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Will the Ceremony and Reception be Indoors or Outdoors

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How will food and drinks be served

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Will your Ceremony and or Reception be streamed live

  • If yes, how will guests access the live stream

  • Will the stream be interactive

  • Will the live stream be available after the wedding day

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