What To Do During The “In Between Times” in Wedding Planning

March 19, 2022

 It’s March and whether your wedding is just around the corner or 6 months away, it’s starting to feel like IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!

What I wanted to speak to today is the restlessness and anxiety that you may or may not be experiencing during the “In Between Times”. Also, let’s be clear, the entire engagement period is an “In Between Time” in your life so it’s  a wild place to be on a lot of different levels.

By “In Between Times”, I mean the time in between phases where your wedding to-do list  is less clear.

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We’ve built out a structured Three Phase process with our client’s in mind. There are supposed to be breaks between each phase. It’s important to lean into that downtime so that you can take time for yourself and not feel like you are constantly working on your wedding.

However, When and if you do feel that restlessness or dreaded anxiety around “I feel like I should be doing something right now”, here are some tips and tricks to move through it.

Tips and Tricks 

  1. If you’re a TWS planning client, Check out the Notes Section in Aisle Planner. You can go through the Three Phase documents and also start wrapping your head around things like “Wedding Day Gratuity Guide”, “Welcome Bag Ideas”, “Wedding Day Packing Checklist”.  I also find it really soothing to scroll through the general checklist as well as the assignments overview.

  2. Take a few minutes for yourself to sit and breathe. Whether you put on a favorite song, listen to a meditation app or just the sound of silence.

  3. Get out in nature. Nothing like a brisk walk to clear your mind.

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April Flowers Studio

Those are all tools to reduce anxiety and reassure your brain that you’re on the right track.

Now here are some actual tasks that you can work on at any given time during the planning process.

Miscellaneous tasks not confined to a certain phase

  1. Map out the ceremony script with your officiant

  2. Fill out band and or DJ questionnaires [reach out if you have questions or need assistance. We can do this on a call together if you like].

  3. Upload your guest list into Aisle Planner [or whatever software you use] and start thinking on who might sit with who.

  4. Decide on anything you need to purchase or have custom printed whether it be cocktail napkins, paper cups, seating chart, table numbers, glowsticks etc.

  5. Think about how you will  leave the venue that night and where you will stay.

  6. Work on your wedding website

  7. Work on invitations/save the dates/seating chart/papergoods

  8. Decide on any special songs you would like either your ceremony or reception band to learn. Check out our blog on how to pick the perfect parent dances!

  9. Think on your formal photo shot list and what details you want to make sure are captured on the day of the wedding. [Reach out to your photographer and see if there is a certain way they would like this organized.]

  10. Insurance, ABC Permits etc [not applicable to every venue]

  11. Don’t forget to apply for your Marriage License [you guessed it, there’s a note in Aisle Planner about that as well].

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