How Many Hours Do I Actually Need My Photographer On My Wedding Day???

March 20, 2022

Megan Sheppard Photograph

It’s nine hours. That’s how long you need them.

That’s if you’re having a traditional timeline [4pm Ceremony-10pm Exit or 5pm Ceremony-10pm Exit.]

Can you get by with less? Absolutely.

Here are thing things you need to think about. In most situations, you need to be finished with hair and makeup 3 hours prior to your ceremony. Give or take a little depending on whether you’re doing a first look or not.

1] Do you care about detail shots ??? The Dress hanging in a window, a flat lay of your invitation suite, photos of the rings, bouquet, heirloom jewelry… All of those things take lots of time.

**Pro Tip – Be sure to have anything you want photographed ready and waiting when your photographer arrives. Also be sure the room you’re putting your dress on is relatively clear of clutter when they arrive.

2] Do you care about getting ready photographs???

3] Do you want cute photos of your bridesmaids in robes or loungewear before you step into your dress. That needs to be built into the timeline as well.

4] Are you doing a first look?

5] Are hoping to capture wedding party photos after your first look and will this be at the ceremony location where guests will be arriving 1 hour prior to the ceremony or is it at an alternate location.

**Pro Tip – We don’t recommend that you try to also knock out larger family photos before the ceremony. It’s a shame when you tell aunts and uncles to be there 2 hours before the ceremony for photos and then we don’t get to them.

6] Do you need the photographers to stay until the very end or are you cool with them leaving after the formalities. This can be a great way to trim a few hours if that’s your thing.

Happy Planning!!!

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